looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

A National Day In Bed is declared

After dropping Derek at the airport at 5:30am, we drove home around the valley using the new beltway, that road that is doomed not to help traffic congestion by taking you far out of your way and then being not actually completed so that you can't even enjoy it. Also if I'd remembered that going so far West was going to mean eventually coming back East - with the rising Sun in our eyes - I would have gone the other way.

Still, the sunrise on the mountains was fun.

What a great week it has been! Even though we were working, we put in a lot of relaxing and fun time with Derek and Teresa (although I don't think we played enough Pool). We went out a lot and saw lots of movies and generally share a "Spring Break" experience. Already we're looking forward to having them here again...

On the way home I vowed that we would have breakfast and watch all the tapes we'd accrued while the kids were here, and not fall asleep immediately, to try and buck the trend I've been in of sleeping late in the morning and being alert at 1:00am as a result. We've got the daylight saving switch coming up soon, and we'll lose an hour (putting 5 hours between NZ'ers and us instead of the 3 we've been enjoying).

Resolution or not, when we get home I crawl into bed and sleep until 12:30.

When I wake up, Lisa is cleaning and many windows are open, letting the fresh warm air into the house. Winter doesn't seem possible anymore, it's 85 degrees out and already the memory of Summer heat is flooding back to my skin cells.

Breakfast and catching up on those taped programs fill the rest of the day. Oh, and Derek, the premiere episode of "The Court" was very good, despite the presence of Sally Field. We'll keep watching it.