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The Wrong Way to PF Changs

We went to see "Resident Evil" this afternoon. OK, it's a silly movie, but we kind of liked it. We chose a movie theatre down near the airport because Derek's girlfriend Teresa was arriving on a flight later in the evening.

Did the movie suck? Not if you're looking for a fairly mindless and plotless action flick. With Zombies. If that's not really your kind of thing, then I don't recommend it.

When we got out of the theatre it was dark outside, and we had a couple of hours before Teresa's flight got in - it had been delayed, which we knew about already.

So, off to dinner at a nearby PF Chang's China Bistro, located somewhere on Paradise Rd. Now, Paradise Rd is the road that you turn on to from Tropicana Blvd when heading for the airport - a route that we have taken on more than one occasion! Now, I knew that PF Changs wasn't on that segment of Paradise Rd, so therefore, it must be in the other direction. So, blissfully driving East on Tropicana, it was with great gusto I turned right on to Paradise Rd, only to remeber somewhat late that Paradise Rd is One Way. In the Other Direction.

Now, you have to understand that the main route to the airport tends to be quite busy at the best of times, so doing this at about 8 o'clock in the evening probably wasn't the best idea. Luckily the other drivers on the road were very nice about it and let me know I was going the wrong way by leaning on their horns.

There are many things in life scarier than driving the wrong way down a one-way street, but I don't want to experience them any time soon. Obviously, throwing the car into reverse wasn't going to annoy anyone behind me until we got back to the corner of Tropicana, and when we did, luckily traffic was very light and we didn't hit anyone, and we were able to keep going along Tropicana, heading for the 'Strip (Las Vegas Blvd).

So we got to the restaurant in a kind of roundabout way instead of the non-existent direct route.

PF Changs (http://www.pfchangs.com) are a chain of chinese restaurants that appear to be more ambitious and upmarket than your typical neighbourhood chinese takeout, in both decor and menu. There was a 30 minute wait before we could be seated but we spent the delay outside in the cool night air, clutching the buzzer/pager they gave us and perusing the menu. All the usual dishes are there, plus some additional ones. The dishes we ordered were subtley different in taste and presentation from what I expected from a chinese restaurant. I'd go there again. We ate briskly so as to be out in time to drive to the airport and pick up Teresa.

Her plane arrived promptly and we drove home, uneventfully thank goodness.