looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Rearranging the Office

The Guitar Center was having a big sale today, according to a flyer we received through the mail. I decided to head out and get some bagels from the Tropicana Ave Bagels-n-More which is right down the road from the Guitar Center, and check out the deals while I was in the area. (Or was it the other way around?)

For a little while I had been wondering out rearranging my office to make it more suitable for working on audio projects, and so in addition to drooling at the synths and playing various kinds of bass guitars, I was looking for desks, tables, rack units, things that I could use to arrange things better in the office.

There was none of that stuff on sale, but on the drive back home I thought about a way I could arrange the existing furniture in the room to get a big win (if not a perfect solution).

Stan and Jeanne came over soon after I got back - they came for dinner and a DVD movie (Robert Altman's _Pret A Porter_) so in odd moments during the afternoon I re-arranged the room and got it mostly the way I wanted it.

Dinner was great - grilled lamb chops - and the movie was, as always, a pleasure to watch.