looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

The Following Day

We arranged to meet Don, Stan, and Jeanne at the Tenaya Creek Brewery & Restaurant for a farewell dinner for Don. It's weird, he was only here for a couple of days.

After a trip to Hoover Dam with the other members of his tour party, Don spent the afternoon with Stan checking out poems, and computers.

Another great meal accompanied by some good locally-brewed ale. I think my initial impressions of the place have been reinforced.

We said farewell to Don, and left him with Stan while we drove Jeanne home - her knee was bothering her and anyway, it was probably good to let Stan and Don have a last night out with the boys. Ostensibly they checked out the Fremont Experience, which is a kind of audio-visual thingy in the downtown area, but might also have been a nightclub. We're not sure.