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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Sushi Fever

After L's chiro appointment this afternoon we decided to have an early dinner at a sushi/japanese restaurant that was a few doors down from the chiropractor's office. When we got there, we found that they opened at 5:00, and it was only a quarter of four.

No problem - we'd do some shopping for groceries at the nearby Raley's. Shopping was uneventful, and the sun had gone behind the hills and thus the temperature was dropping to the chilly side of pleasant, so we felt ok about leaving the groceries in the trunk while we had dinner. We were still a few minutes early, so we jaywalked across Craig St and checked out Blockbuster Video to see if they had any cheap DVDs that we wanted for sale.

They didn't, but they did have "Series 7" available to rent. I was looking forward to seeing this in the theatres, but perhaps inevitably it appeared to have gone "straight to video". See http://www.series7movie.com/ for more info, but basically, its premise is that you are watching a TV "marathon" of several consequitive episodes of a fictional reality TV program. Set in the near future, people are randomly selected to hunt each other down until only one is left alive.

If it had been made 5 years ago it would have been funny and amusing satire on the subject of reality TV shows such as "COPS" and MTV's "The Real World". It is scary that instead, it is almost indistinguishable from them. The few episodes that I have seen of "Survivor" and "The Mole" - all developed more recently since when "Series 7" was conceived - differ only in that, in this reality, the people on these shows don't actually have to kill each other.

But back to dinner... we pigged out on sushi in a contented way, and rolled ourselves home, grateful that we had already done the shopping.