looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Dinner and a Movie

Stan and Jeanne wanted to take us out to dinner tonight. We arranged to meet at the Regent Resort in Summerlin (Now called the JW Marriott, it got bought I think) for the buffet.

We figured we'd catch a movie at the nearby Suncoast prior to dinner, so after checking out the movie schedules in the paper, we find that _Gosford Park_ is showing at 4:00pm. Excellent!

Seeing it was such a nice day we went for a walk around the neighbourhood to see the progress being made by the builders on the nearby "Bradley Ranch II" housing development. The first bunch of houses were up, and interestingly some of them were at the point where the wiring had been put in but the drywall hadn't gone up. So we could see where they were running the CAT5e by default. Yes indeedy, this particular housing development has data wiring as an option. Same builder, different development, 12 months later. They are offering the thing they wouldn't do for us when we were trying to get some non-standard wiring options.

In the same model house as ours, it appears that they are putting one cat5e drop into 3 of the 4 bedrooms (why?) and interestingly, another one in the media bay in the living room. Hmm. I guess they're not stupid after all. Digital Convergence Ready.

Oh well. Ours is way better, especially now with the added network ports.

We drove to the movie by way of Meadows Mall to look for slippers for me, a baking dish (as specified by Alton Brown of "Good Eats" infamy: www.altonbrown.com) and possibly a sweater for Lisa. And coffee. Here's the score:

  • Macys did not have a backing pan of the requisite specifications (heavy, non-stick, shiny, upright handles, big enough for two burners, turned out edges for crimping foil) so that acquisition was left for another time.
  • No store in the mall had sheepskin slippers, therefore these would be acquired via the web (www.llbean.com).
  • The Coffee Beanery in the mall *did* have coffee.
  • On the out through Macys for a second time, and Lisa found a sweater while Colin bopped to the unlikely jazz-fusion playing on the muzak speakers.

Back to the car and off to see Gosford Park at the Suncoast.

It was about 2 hr 15 min in length, so we have to scramble a little to get back to the car and drive down the road to the nearby Regent/Marriott, where we said we would meet Stan and Jeanne at 6:30.

Walking in from the parking garage, we spied Stan. "Guess what?" he asked rhetorically. "The buffet is closed for remodeling!"

So instead we checked out an Irish Pub that was located elsewhere in the casino complex. It has pretty good food, interesting beer, and a butter toffee pudding to die for.