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Window Film and ThinkGeek

I'm getting a real buzz out of sitting here in the living room, with my laptop, writing this entry and listening to Dream Theater's new album on the big living room surround sound speakers. And I'm connected to the Internet through the new network port. Heh...

Several interesting things happened today:

Firstly, the man from USA Tints showed up to give us a quote on adding a UV/Heat repelling film to the windows in the house. Our friendly neighbours across the street had had this done, and apparently it really improved heat retention during the Winter, and kept glare and heat down in the Summer. Seeing as we'd had real trouble in our offices (East-facing windows) last year in the Summer, we thought we'd get a quote - cost and feasibility.

Sonny showed up at 8:30 (I wondered why had "Sorry" written in italic script on the breast of his shirt, but apparently I was mis-reading) and turned out to be a nice chap, ignoring both the Kami the Cat (who had to help) and the making of breakfast (which could not be interrupted).

It seems that the window treatment thing will be quite feasible, so we made an appointment for next Wednesday for "the guys" to do the installation. Sonny said it would take 3 hours.

The second thing that happened was my secret order of geekwear from ThinkGeek was delivered. I had been dropping hints of "a present" for Lisa and she was very curious so it was with some enjoyment I presented her with a black T-shirt decorated with

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OK, so it's a geek joke. The other item in the order was a sweatshirt for me decorated with the chemical molecular structure of caffeine. What can I say? I'm a geek.