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Bella Luna

I really wanted to like Bella Luna. For some time now we've been searching for a special restaurant, somewhere we could go for our anniversary every other year. Whilst living in Auckland, NZ, a place called "Four Steps To Heaven" fit that bill nicely, until it closed. In Marin, CA, there was "Frantoio". So far we haven't found anywhere in Las Vegas that could be said to fit the bill, but we both had suspicions that an Italian restaurant called "Bella Luna" might be it.

Alas, it was not to be.

Seeing as today *is* our 7th wedding anniversary, we hopped in the car and drove off to find the restaurant. After taking the wrong turn and deviating slightly from our intended path, we found the restaurant. Located in a unit in a corporate office park, it felt a little weird, but on the inside it felt a little more welcoming, despite the plaster tile ceiling. The decor was mainly yellow with blue glass accents.

Well - this isn't a restaurant review, so I'll just say that Lurch the waiter was a little disconcerting, and before we were halfway through our meal, all the other guests had left and we were alone in a pool of circling waiters. It *was* a Tuesday night, we didn't expect a crowd, but the effect was a little... uncomfortable. I really didn't enjoy the dish I'd ordered, although I thought Lisa's order of risotto was pretty good.

It wasn't really the food, or the service, or the decor. It just wasn't *right*. So we're still searching. Maybe by next anniversary we will have located a suitable venue.