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Moving a power plug

I decided to spend a little time moving a power outlet today from one side of a wall to the other. Basically the scenario is this: we have a power outlet on the wall and a closet on the other side. We wanted the power plug to be in the closet, rather than on the outer wall. (We have a TV in the closet, ok?)

So, using graph paper, simple trigonometry and lots of measureing, I figured out whereabouts on the inside wall to cut the hole in the drywall so that I could reach through with my fingers and grab the power cable going to the box on the other side of the wall.

Having cut the whole in almost the right place, it's going to be a little tricker than I'd hoped, but still within acceptable tolerances.

Now, I have the plug hanging out of the wall but I haven't yet gone through the process of finding out which circuit breaker needs to be thrown in order to make the change. We have two breakers called "beds" and one of them might be the right one. Seeing as we have numerous computers and synths hanging off most of the power outlets, I gotta be careful.

Looks like the end of the month - time to get CityDesk to generate a monthly summary and update the website.