looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


Today we took a walk over to the new housing development across the road with our neighbours, Toni and Linda. This development is by the same company as built our houses, Greystone homes. It's interesting to see the relative sizes and placement of the houses, and we were also interested in seeing whether they'd built one of the new, larger house plans, but they hadn't done so yet.

It's strange - the plots of land are larger than ours, but for some unknown reason they have placed each of the houses over on to one side of the plots - but in an alternating way so that every house has a large empty space on one side, yet is close up to the house on the other side. Is this to allow RV parking? We don't know.

As usual, our conclusions are that we live in the best development, and in the case of Lisa and myself, we conclude that we live in the best house.

On the walk home we invite Toni and Linda to dinner. We finally settle on Sunday, tomorrow evening.