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James and Sue arrive

I've known James and Sue since university days. Several years ago they left New Zealand to spend some time in England. In fact, Mitchell (whom regular readers of my verbiage will be familiar) who was boarding with J&S ended up staying with us in Browns Bay, Auckland, for a few months before independently moving to England himself. Well, Mitchell's still there, but James and Sue are moving back "home" to New Zealand, and stopping by some old friends on the way, including Washington, Vegas, and San Francisco in their itinerary.

I think I officially took Monday off from work, as for some screwy reason I had more days off owing to me than I could actually take before the end of the year, but as luck would have it, I think some work issues came up and I didn't get as much music done as I wanted to - or whatever it was I was planning to do that day.

That evening we picked James & Sue up at the airport. They were a little jet lagged, but had enjoyed their day in Washington.

I can't remember what we did for dinner that evening.

We decided that given that James & Sue only had a couple of days with us, we would limit our sightseeing plans to two outings. 1) we'd take them to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area; and 2) we'd visit some casinos on the Strip. After some discussion, we decided to do the natural scenery first.