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Tenaya Creek Brewery

We finally went and checked out this restaurant/brewery that we'd first noticed while trying to find our "local" Post Office on Tenaya Way. I say "local" in inverted commas because it's miles away from our house. Hardly local.

Anyway, Tenaya Creek Restaurant and Brewery is just up the road from the Post Office and after passing it a couple of times recently, we dropped in and checked it out. It wasn't very busy and now I can't remember exactly what time it was when we arrived - around 5:00 I think as the sun has just gone down or was in the process of doing so - and the menu looked pretty varied and interesting. If I remember correctly, I had a chicken and mushroom pasta dish, and Lisa ordered a steak. The food was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised at the bang for the buck in the food quality department. The beer was good too.

From a price point, this is not going to be a regular Friday night eating out location for us, but it certainly won't have to wait until our next "anniversary" either. We debated taking Derek and Teresa there when they arrived later in the month, but as it turned out our week was pretty full and it didn't happen.

I'm looking forward to going back there.

Here's a pretty good review of the place, albeit from the perspective of a brewpub aficionado: http://celebrator.com/200002/tanaya.html.