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The Usual Suspects

Not the Spacey movie, but improvisational theatre. Back in Auckland, New Zealand, I used to frequent a comedy improv thing called "Scared Scriptless", and before that a more structured team-oriented one called "Theatresports". Rather like "Whose Line Is It Anyway" if you're familiar with that show.

We saw a review of "The Usual Suspects" in the local paper, noted the time and venue - 8pm, Nov 16 - and decided to give this a try. The Community College of Southern Nevada sounded like a place we needed to check out for interesting events and activities anyway.

The show was very much like Scared Scriptless - a small, amateurish college theatre, minimal-to-non-existant scenery, just three actors and an audience willing to suggest themes and one-liners. It was very enjoyable. They have another show coming up on Dec 7, and we're wondering whether to take James and Sue when they visit (from UK on their way back to NZ) in a couple of week's time. In fact, I'm fairly sure it was James who first introduced me to Theatresports.