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Cat Trouble

This month was not so good for the cats. Kami stayed in one place long enough for me to observe a parasitical worm in her eye, which forced us to locate a decent vet. As it turned out, the one we see from the freeway as we drive South down 95 is called Creature Comforts, and it is very pleasent.

We took them both in to get their shots up to date and synchronised, and after we'd held Kami down and observed the vet remove the worm with a pair of tweezers, she went out the back to the microscope and looked it up in her parasitology textbook to find out what it was. It seems that it was a worm that lives in horses; she supposed that a fly had acted as an intermediary. Yick.

After a brief checkup, Karma was found to have an infected tooth. He has had one fang on the point of falling out for a number of years, but apparently rather than drop out naturally it had decided to stick around and fight it out. We hadn't noticed Karms being uncomfortable, but this must have been giving him some pain for some time, and it was best to have it surgically removed. The following day we took him in, left him with the vet and when we picked him up that afternoon he was groggy, drooling, and had a bald patch on his forearm where the IV had gone in.

Update: About a week later, Karma is relatively complacent about taking his twice-daily pill of antibiotics, and seems to be improving in his appetites for food.