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  amongst the irregular verbiage

September Blues

You have probably all read enough about the events of September 11, and therefore I don't need to describe them here. Check the web. Look hard enough and you'll find images and eyewitness accounts that they don't play on television. This Century's Hindenburg. Argh.

The first we heard about it was when Anna rang at around 7:30am to say not to worry, Josh was ok. Of course we had no clue what she was talking about. "Go turn on the TV to CNN," she replied. We did, and we basically stayed glued to the set for the next few hours. Certainly nobody at work expected anything productive to get done that day.

Two days later as I write this and the sliding scale of relative misery has been altered for the foreseeable future. If I try to write about pleasant things I feel guilty, and if I write about unpleasant things I feel like I'm complaining about relative insignificance. Therefore, better not write about anything.

On a brighter note, as I write this I am sitting in the lounge listening to the new Yes album, _Magnification_, for the first time. There's something about listening to music the first time - you can only do it once, for a start.

Yesterday evening I saw my first Black Widow spider.  Erk. She had decided to make her web in the left rear wheel hollow of our car, in the garage. After admiring her fine black body and red hour glass marking, I confess I persuaded her not to nest in the car by swotting her dead.

Now I'm a little more cautious venturing into the garage with bare feet.