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Another Lightning Storm

It was hot, heavy, and very humid all day. In the evening, the most furious lightning storm I have ever experienced hit the Las Vegas Valley to the North of us. I stood outside our garage an watched it for about an hour, as tremendous forked bolts of lightning leapt from cloud to groundm the closest about 2 miles away. I couldn't always hear the thunder because it was gusty and blustery and sound was travelling funny. No rain, just hot hot wind. I could really believe that God himself was taking the chariot out for a spin around the mountains.

We're talking 100 lightening flashes a minute, easy.

Then suddenly it got *really* windy and a furious dust storm started up, so I came inside. Later, though, I took the camera outside and pointed it at the sky and just clicked away at random. Every 5th picture captured a lighting bolt in mid flash.


Update: I was more successful in September 2003.