looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


I see on the web that Spock's Beard are playing Vegas on the 29th July. Heh. Might have to see if we can go to that one. The Beard are pretty cool. With the Yes concert on the 26th, could make for a busy week.

There was a spectacular lightning storm happening over in the west this evening. For half an hour I sat on the back fence in the twilight watching the lightning jump back and forth up and down the mountain range. No thunder could be heard on the hot breeze coming from the West.

It kind of put any attempt at 4 July fireworks to shame.

However - that didn't prevent Mr American Flag from across the road from putting out his deck chairs and letting off a few roman candles in the middle of the street. People driving in and out of their driveways had to wait until he was done. Interestingly, many people seemed to be doing that - congregating at houses then all driving off in a convoy. Maybe they were planning on attending a public fireworks event?

Linda and Toni from the house opposite came out and chatted to their nextdoors, and I stood outside for a bit watching the fireworks - but mostly watching the lightning. Then Linda came across and we chatted for a bit.

We thought that maybe the secret agent neighbors on the corner next to us would come out and at least say Hi! to the neighborhood, but no sign of them, although we knew they were there.

Later on, in fact as I write this, the Secret Agents are apparently having their own fireworks party in their backyard, although fortunately without their 20 friends, the ones who stay there every weekend and block our driveway with SUVs.

Very strange.