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Cat Suspects

A couple of nights ago I fed the cats a FancyFeast tin - can't remember the flavour, but it looked like tuna flakes rather than the standard grey paste... Karma gobbled it.

Anyway, this morning I discovered that Karma must have thrown it all up in the garage almost immediately. No trace of digestion at all. <sigh> He *tried* to get outside, the upchuck was in a neat pile at the foot of the automatic door.

I can only think that it was a bit rich for him and he ate too fast. also, I wonder also about the heat. He insists on going into the garage, but it was really hot.

(Update: On closer inspection, the upchuck contained a calico-coloured hairball. So it may have been Kami rather than Karma.)


Kami let me groom her this morning. She lay down on the paper on the kitchen table and purred. After a generous handful had been removed, she lost interest. Then Karma came out and bit my ankle until I gave them both treats.