looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Rice Pudding

Re-heated chili for dinner tonight. It's pretty good but I put the beans in too late so they aren't sufficiently mushy.

I tried to get a picture of Kami coming in through the cat door. I know she's doing it, but she's hard to catch.

She pushes her way in from the side, using her paw to start. No clawing out, just pushing. (First, though, she has to sit outside the door mewing piteously for 10min.)  It's odd how she gets in the flap. Like, if she was batting a ball, she'd kind of swipe it sideways rather than push it forward. So she sits kind of side on to the door and then bats at it with her paw, whilst simultaneously trying to get her nose under the flap.

Strangely, she manages this on the third try. I've only seen it happen twice though, so this is not statistically significant.

Now here's a problem. Hmm. What to do? We have a surfeit of cherries, just on the cusp of ripeness. Solution? Make Nick Stellino's Almond Cherry rice pudding.

Problem 1. Ok, so it'll be the wrong kind of rice. I'm currently watching the rice pudding going wrong, and it'll take me a little longer before I give up. In 30min basically if the pudding hasn't self-desctructed in that time, then I'll put it out of its misery.