looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Meetings and Leavings

A couple of days ago, Stuart, Tasha, Tristan and Stephen showed up on their way to a family reunion. It was good to see my cousin Stuart & Tasha again, and meet Tristan and Stephen for the first time. They hadn't eaten since breakfast, so we changed our plans and decided to do the Mixed Grill Dinner & Salad tonight instead of tomorrow night. This worked out well.

Early this morning we get up at 4:00am and I drop Lisa at the airport to catch her flight to New York. On the way back home the sunrise illuminates the Western mountains with a wonderfull picky orange glow. Extremely cool.

I try and stay awake when I get home, but I give up and sleep until 11:30.

Karma has absolutely proven that the cat door holds no fear for him, I saw him bombing in through it (the right way - head first, no pulling outwards with his paw) shortly after I put him out - he asked - and at another time, I saw him outside on the patio furniture 10min after I last saw him scoffing his wet food.

Kami has hidden herself away somewhere.