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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Mars, Bringer of Doors

Earlier this month we finally got the cat door installed in the wall that we had been planning for so long. The question is - will the cats get used to it, or will they continue to wake us up at night demanding to use the human door?

Tony from Harrison Garage Doors came by this morning and checked out the funny noises the door was making whenever we opened it. Turned out that a loose chain was dragging on the door when it opened. That coupled with sticky paint between the door segments was causing the loud crack! sound first time we opened it every day. It's a lot quieter now, and Tony says that a little wd40 rubbed between the segments will probably stop the sticking.

Last night Mars was at its closest to Earth, so I dragged the 'scope out the back to see whether it had changed since last time I looked. Interestingly, yes it had. With the 9mm eyepeice and moon filter I could clearly make out a dark region, along with bright polar regions. Pretty cool.