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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Sonoma Valley Bagels

Montgomery Village,
Santa Rosa,

These were actually the first sub-species of bagel I ever decided to write about. I even bought one of their t-shirts because I liked the logo. This was many years ago. Since then, their logo has changed and possibly their bagels have, I woudn't be able to tell. I suspect they haven't changed much at all. They get an all-round good rating, with slight point deduction due to the kind of under-done feeling to the bagel, a bit doughy where one would expect fibrousness. Also, another half-point deduction because of an obvious manufacturing defect: I could see the join in the torus. More than just that, when I sliced one in halves, the join in the ring actually came apart, leaving me with one toasted ring and one toasted crescent. Not so good.

Grade: B