looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Dallas Day 6

Last night I started getting sleepy at 9:00pm so I just turned out the light and fell right asleep. Woke up at 11:30, 4:00, 5:30, and 6:15, but fell right asleep again. It's muggy in the room, and the air-con is loud or ineffective. Bah. Still, I have figured out that if you're alone in a kingsize bed, you can pull the covers back diagonally and then just slide across from pillow to pillow until the right comfort level is attained.

We got to the Siebel class on time this morning, but apparently it doesn't start until 10:15 because *some* people are still catching up on the labs from last week.

Physically I'm not feeling so good. Throat very sore, I almost feel a headache coming on. Doesn't look good but am coping. Will get through this somehow. Even Eric says I don't sound so good.

I'm thinking of dragging Eric to the Sushi/Grill tonight, specially if they have soup.


As it turned out we ate greek after searching for tepan yaki in vain (A clue: The Isshan Sushi & Grill thought we meant "Teriyaki" <sigh>) at a place called the Veranda Greek Cafe and Eric tried something called Metaxis that basically knocked him out (see: Thrashed_him_at_pool below).

We had a good talk about each time we've been in the ER. (He wins. He should be dead.)

OK, I'm going to bed NOW... I had a margarita and three games of pool with Eric (thrashed him, hooray) and now I'm sleepy.