looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Dallas Day 4

Something funny happened today. Eric and I find the practical labs very easy, and we are usually one or two laps ahead of everyone else. We can't go to far ahead, though, because the lectures are relevent to the labs and if you're not careful you start to do things without understanding what you are actually doing. Anyway, it was 4:00 and the instructor said, "We have two more labs. Now, we can either do the labs today and start with lectures tomorrow morning, which will gain us 30 minutes, which is good because some of us have planes to catch tomorrow, and we're also missing Monday due to the holiday. Or, we can go home now and do the labs tomorrow morning. Let's take a vote." 

Eric and I are the only two people who vote to do the labs this afternoon, because we like the idea of gaining 30 minutes and starting ahead tomorrow. We were the ones with the planes to catch! Everyone else voted to go home immediately and do the labs tommorrow. 

The instructor said, "Well, I like the idea of gaining 30 minutes, so we're going to do the labs this afternoon and ignore the results of the vote. You can go when you've finished the labs."

So Eric and I stand up and say, "Well, we've finished the labs, so we're going now".