looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Dallas Day 3

I'm being a bad influence on Eric. He wasn't planning on eating lunch today, because he'd been very bad last night and eaten a flan for desert at a Mexican Soul Food Restaurant. He blames me for the flan because I'd said we kinda had to order at least one, eat it and toast Lisa, wishing she were here eating it with us.

But: Eric and I just checked out a place we discovered last night: In a nearby shopping center there is a New York Bagel Bakery. Drove out there for lunch and he got a "white" sandwich but I checked out their reuben. Their bagels are very good considering we're in Dallas. The milk in my latte was "off" though, ugh.

The course is progressing; this morning was all about Siebel Tools and BisObj vs. BizComponent vs. Fields and Tables, etc.

Eric and I are looking at each other and saying, "Where's the code?!?"

In between times, eric has those meeting notes/minutes that Mac called requirements, and we're trying to thrash them into something real. No, we don't feel guilty trying to get real work done whilst waiting for the rest of the class to finish the labs.


Apparently Eric worked out for an extra half hour in the morning to make up for the flan.

I'm going to go to bed soon because Eric and I went to Barnes and Noble after the day's session, got a few things (Java programming magazines and some sci-fi books) and then ate a small dinner at a little italian restaurant, then came back to the hotel bar and persuaded the bartender to give us the balls and cues for the pool table in return for ordering a couple of margaritas. Eric and I had a long talk about work (mostly me about life during my time at Cornerstone) and after three games I was beginning to think he was Mitchell so I figured it was time to come up to bed.