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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Dallas Day 2

The rhythm of the day sets in. It seems that every lunchtime I'm able to go to a booth in the Siebel building and log in, in relative privacy. I could probably make long distance calls here too... won't risk it though.

Anyway, today is all about installing. So we're installing, and installing, and installing.... I'm not sure that we're learning anything except how to follow a script.

The course is going to help us, of course, and even Eric is interested now that he's edited a korn shell script <laugh>.

I'm really not immersed at all. Much of this stuff is just horrible, especially when one of the students asked one of the Siebel instructors what "instantiate" meant. It's another language, and you can tell they get a whole heap of flak for it, because they apologise in advance, saying things like, "and now we're getting into the technical stuff, so keep those Siebel goggles on tight, don't let any air in around the sides. This is where programmers and developer types want to ask "Why?" and discuss other ways of doing things, and that really isn't what we're trying to accomplish, so keep those goggles on..." I swear, this is verbatum!