looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Baby I can drive your car

I got up at 6:00am and dressed, jumped in the car, and drove down Buffalo Drive to get to the DMV office before it opened at 8:00. Managed to get there at about 7:00, and I sat in the cold dawn reading the latest Keyboard magazine with a bunch of other people.

The security guard opened the doors at 7:30 saying, "Here's an Easter holiday present for you" and everyone streamed in through the doors, heading every which way. I was the only one heading for the written test booth though. I handed my permanent resident card (my only handy form of personal identification) and social security card to the grizzled-looking attendant, grabbed a test form and question book and ploughed through the questions. It was harder than I hoped! I had to really concentrate, and I wished I'd spent more time with the Nevada drivers handbook.

After 10 minutes I went back to the front and handed in my form. The official ran it through the scanner and grunted, "you've passed with 86%" and handed me back the stamped form and my ID. (I needed 80% to pass.) 

I took the form and briskly walked over to the practical driving test booth to see if I could get on the standby list - it was still only 7:40 so there were 20 minutes to go before the booked tests started. 

After some witty repartee involving my having to repeat everything twice due to my accent (sigh), I did manage to get assigned a driving instructor guy, who made me take the vision test (you have to read the top row of letters that you see when you look into this binocular scope thing) and then walked with me to my car.

I aced the practical test, but I don't think that was ever a question in my mind. (Yes, you _do_ have to demonstrate parallel parking, if you're wondering!)

The only appropriate thing to say at this point, is WAAAHOOO!


Today our freezer arrived, and it is installed in the garage. Somehow there is room for it despite all the cardboard boxes.