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License and Registration please

We got off to a late start today due to playing telephone tag with our insurance representative at AAA. Moving to a new state means re-registering the car and getting new drivers licences (or in my case - getting an actual licence - period.) We had to get things done in the right order: insurance, registration, licence? or registration, insurance, licence? or what? It turns out that the right order is insurance, registration, then licenses. So we have to have our insurance sorted before turning up at the DMV. Hence the telephone tag thing.

We get to the DMV at about 3:30pm, and there's a big line. We stand with our California licence plates, using them as a firm surface to write on as we fill out our application forms. The line moves forwards quite quickly, as each person is checked for appropriate documentation, then assigned a number, which is subsequently called out by one of 27 separate booths. 

When our turn comes, the nice lady inspector checks our credentials, and it turns out that we can do our car registration, and Lisa can get her driving license renewed, but they won't give me a license without my having to take a written and practical driving test. I figured as much. She said, "you can run down the corridor and take the written test now, if you like". I told Lisa I'd see her shortly, and dashed off to the test center, only to find that they close at 4:30 and it was now about 5:00! Argh! I run back and relate my discovery. "Well, you have to do the written test before you can make an appointment for a practical test". So how soon could I do this? "They're taking bookings for next Tuesday now, but if you turn up real early tomorrow and pass the written test, you might be able to put your name down for a standby test. Then if there is a no-show on an appointment, they could test you sometime tomorrow". 

This sounds like the best plan. In the meantime, we wait and eventually our number gets called and we get issued with new plates and Lisa gets vision tested and issued with a new Nevada driving license.