looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


Today we intend to pack everything but the kitchen. Tomorrow the kitchen. Then the truck arrives on Monday. We will spend the night in the empty house, and drive to Vegas on Tuesay 3 April.

Today I was informed via an email that the upgrade to my music sequencing package (Cakewalk's "Sonar") has shipped and is expected to be delivered to our Las Vegas address on April 2. At this point, we expect to be there late on the evening of the 3rd. This is very ironic, considering that I did everything I could to ensure the package would arrive at a time and place where I expected to be. I anticipated that there would be a delay between ordering and delivery; I waited until the last possible day of the special price reduction deal before I ordered the upgrade; used the Nevada address on my order, etc. 

I tried contacting UPS and getting them to hold the package for me in Nevada, but they couldn't do it until the package was actually at the Nevada depot - which as yet, it wasn't. If I had time I intended to check the tracking web page regularly and call in a hold delivery request at the right point in the package's journey.