looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


We arranged to meet Dominic from Eagle Sentry and Jeff from Toucan Landscaping at the house in the morning. Even though we don't have keys and don't officially own the place yet, we figure that it'd be ok to wander around the back yard. Incidently, the "back yard" is a rectangular patch of dirt and rocks surrounded by a grey concrete block wall.

It turned out that Jeff couldn't make it and so we arranged to meet Dominic at his office later in the day instead. Eagle Sentry are located close to the airport, so we figured we could visit the cats on the same trip.

As we walked into the sales office to borrow their phone, we were alerted by Donna the salesperson that the Title company were currently on the phone and needed to talk to us! This was a coincidence... it turned out that one of the pages we had initialed was incorrect or invalid ("bad document" was written across the page) and could we come down and redo that particular page? We agreed to do so immediately.

After that, we spend some time driving around Las Vegas. We stopped at a kind of plant nursery/museum, a place where all the different kinds of plants that grow in the desert climate are laid out for you to admire. (See http://www.lvvwd.com/conservation/ddg/ddg.html.)There are some experimental sections where plants are "on trial" to see how they survive. It was very interesting, and we saw lots of plants and herbs and things that we would quite like in our own back yard.

We did get to drop in on the cats in their little yellow prison cells, and they were doing fine. A little grumpy, a little reticent to admit to owning us, but safe and well.

We also dropped in to the offices of Eagle Sentry, and filled out some paperwork so that their installation guys could show up at the house on Friday.