looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

End of Month wrap up

Lisa's stepfather, Larry, passed away this month after a bad bout of pneumonia put him in hospital for several weeks. I had met him several times over the years, and he was always friendly and decent to me. Lisa has been calling her Mom every day, and will probably go out to New York for a week sometime after we move, to spend some time with her Mom.


We took ourselves (along with Derek and his girlfriend Teresa) to see this wacky mask- theatre-mime troupe, who were playing at the wonderful local Marin Center Veteran's Memorial theater. I had seen them twice before in New Zealand on a couple of their previous tours. This show, called "Next", was really more of the same. It ought to be easy to describe Mummenschantz but it isn't. Best I can do is to say, imagine giant sea creatures made of thin material and foam rubber, geometric shapes that come alive and do stuff, Transient faces. Magical.


Things go into boxes. Some boxes are heavy. Others are light with fragile stickers. Sometimes fragile stickers don't stick and fall off. Much packing tape is used. Eventually there are boxes everywhere.

A house-screw-up works in our favor

One of the guys at Dupont rang us up and said they were having a problem locating the specific carpet that we chose for the house, and that we might have to "make do" with an upgraded style. They even sent us some samples of possible replacements. They were very nice replacements, and the idea of getting an upgraded carpet for only a slight increase in cost was very appealing. Could it be? Would a weave of fate actually work in our favour?