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More about house plans

We were getting a bit impatient for the builders to get back to us regarding our non-standard request.

(Some background here: The deal is that we give them (Greystone) a list of changes we would like over and above the standard list of options, plus a cheque for $200, and they are supposed to get back to us with a yes/no on each item, plus an additional cost estimate for the changes.) These changes were mostly very minor: an extra power outlet here, a deleted medicine cabinet there, delete the built-in microwave (we have one already), etc. The main non-standard item we requested was for some network wiring to be installed during construction. (Everyone says, put wire in the walls during construction, not afterwards! Obviously.)

We figured that the more information we could prepare for them on this point, the more comfortable the builders (and associated subcontractors) would feel about the request.

We had heard nothing from them, and after some pestering we heard conflicting reports. First, they wouldn't do any of the changes. Then they would do some of them, but not the wiring. Then we didn't hear anything for another few weeks... they still hadn't cashed our cheque. It was getting more than a little irritating, so in order to feel better about our decision, we went back online and started looking at housing developments from other builders, including ones that were much clearer and up-front about their support for "wired" or "future-proofed" houses. Fairly quickly we saw some other plans that might work for us, and after some enquiries, several of the builders were familiar with the concept of putting network wiring in. One of the builders even offered it as a standard feature!

The trouble was, none of the geographical locations of these other developments were as good as the ones we had looked at already, and we had limited details of possible timing or availability.  We figured that we should investigate them anyway, if only to reassure ourselves that we should stick with our current plans with Greystone.

We had some outstanding leave accumulated during the year owing to us at work, which we had to take before the end of month, so after checking on available flights, we arranged fly to Vegas for a few days between Christmas and New Years day, to see if we could shake out our house plans a little.