looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Going Home

We got up early and packed our stuff away, making sure we had plenty of tissues with us for the plane ride.

Sherri very kindly took us to the Seattle airport, from where Mitchell was to catch his flight back to Heathrow, and we were to catch a shuttle back to San Francisco.

There was some confusion about when exactly our flights were leaving - for a while there was a delay in effect and we thought we'd be able to spend time with Mitchell in the terminal, then our shuttle flight departure time was corrected and we could leave as scheduled, but we were able to grab a snack and eat with Mitchell for half an hour or so.

We landed on the ground and waited for 30 minutes for a shuttle from the appropriate long-term parking company, but eventually got to our car without major problems. The drive home was uneventful, and due to the various delays we were right on time to collect Karma from the Cat's Cradle - they have limited hours on Sunday so this worked out kind of well.

Our feelings of relief at walking in the door at home were tempered a little by the growing  realisation that our house had been broken into while we were away - but the rest of that story will have to wait.