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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Mitchell Arrives

After only about 3 days after Lisa got back from Frankfurt, we start our second official batch of vacation time as our good friend Mitchell arrived from London to spend some time with us here in the States. His plane got in 2 hours late, it was delayed at Heathrow due to loudspeaker failure, I think he said. It was great to see him! We took him directly to Max's Deli & Restaurant for dinner. Actually, because of his delayed arrival, we were running late, so instead of staying in the South Bay for dinner, we braved the possible remains of rush hour traffic, and I dropped Lisa and Mitchell at our local Max's and rushed home to drop of his bags off and put a tape in the VCR to record The West Wing.

Mitchell liked being introduced to Max's Mahtzo-ball soup, I think. We were all so stuffed, it was all we could do to sit on the couch and watch the freshly-taped episode of The West Wing.