looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Leaving Vegas

Lisa and I walked down the road to Citibank to see our account manager to get some advice on banking matters regarding the house, and other stuff. We also had time for a little breakfast at the local bagel shop, where we perused the local papers and looked at upcoming concerts and events with glee. (Somewhat prematurely, too, I might add!)

Then we spent a little time with Stan on routine computer maintenance, and also talking with him about his plans to publish a web site of poems and cartoons.

We pack our stuff up, 'cause we have a plane to catch at 6:00pm, and appointments in between, including one at the housing development flooring vendor showroom to decide on carpet and other flooring choices. We already have a good idea what we would want, so we manage to finalise our options reasonably quickly. There is quite a quality range of product, but without going crazy we are able to settle on a good combination of colours and patterns that we feel are compatible with our tastes.

Then it's time to catch our plane back home to California. We arranged to catch a pretty late flight out of Vegas to allow us as much time as possible there, and considering we only had three days, I think we did ok!

Nothing's final of course until it comes time to talk contracts in November or December, but right now we see no reason to not go ahead with our plan.

As I write this I have no idea where we are - it's pitch black outside. We are probably about to start our descent into SFO sometime in the next 30 minutes.