looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Looking at housing developments

This morning Lisa and I walked down to the supermarket and got some coffee and fresh bagels.

Then we drove out to a couple of new housing developments to look at lots and models and sample houses to check out that plan we've been admiring on the web. Exhausting work, but exciting too. We took our digital camera and took lots of pictures of things in the specific house plan.

Well, there's a very good chance that a year from now we could be living at 8552 Bandits Bluff, LV. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A CHANGE OF ADDRESS NOTIFICATION!!!) Right now it is just a dusty empty lot out in the middle of nowhere.

Tomorrow we go back to the development and continue talking about options and stuff.

It turns out that our Sister-in-law Riley and our niece Hallie are in town visiting Riley's parents who live in Vegas, so we arrange to have dinner together at a restaurant. It also turns out to be almost Hallie's birthday, which we knew, but it was still a surprise to us when the dessert-plus-candle "cake" was brought out!