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Dilbertian Convictions

Encouraging news on the work front. We've exchanged emails with our new boss, and although everything is pretty much still up in the air, he sounds like an ok guy who will be able to appreciate the value of the work we've been doing, and probably won't split the team up. He is ok with us being home-based associates, and doesn't mind if we are based in Las Vegas instead of San Francisco. This is a big weight off our minds.

Not everything is as positive. In a phenomenal gesture of Dilbertian conviction, the CEO of the company has issued a directive that loosely translates to, "We've had no luck selling our microwave ovens because neither of the two the smart analyst people I've spoken to understand what they are. Evidently my vision was wrong, so we're now going to start selling our product as personal safes."

You will not believe how much money this company has spent educating its sales force in what a microwave oven does and how to sell it. Where the %^*& does this company get its money from?

(No, of course ACME doesn't really sell kitchen appliances. It's an analogy. I can't explain what ACME *really* sells. No, it's not secret. It's just inexplicable. Even to smart analyst-type people, apparently.)