looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


I can't believe it. Today we are told by our boss that due to a department reorg-cum-political power struggle, he has had to refocus his business unit on Sales and therefore all his developers must be moved into a different group and report to someone else.

We are extremely unsettled. Would the other group even need experienced and expensive senior developers like ourselves? Would they be ok with us working from home? What about all the work we have been doing for Sales? Are they going to break the team up further? What about the interns we've been mentoring?

We thought we were doing a good job selling the crap that this company touts as essential CDI (customer data integration) technology - which incidentally is so difficult to explain that sales people sell whatever they think the customer wants, leaving us technical integration engineers to figure out how to make it work, usually by working with the customer's most junior and disposable programmers on staff because no-one else wanted it. I can't see how they are going to manage without people like us to figure out the devilish details.

Bitter? Me? No.

We spend the next few days feeling very unmotivated. I work on revamping my personal web site, which I justify by ostensibly working my way up to preparing a new resume, which is itself a step towards preparing an *internal* resume for our new boss - who is away 'til next Tuesday.

During our last trip to Little Rock we asked our old boss (whom we like and respect a lot, who actually offered us the job 18 months ago) outright whether our work situation was stable, and he told us "not to worry".

If he actually knew about this coup and didn't let on to us, then I feel he let us down and we deserved a straighter answer from him.

How does this affect our future plans? If we both have to look for new jobs, then potentially it'll affect our plans a lot.