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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Cats and DVDs

Indeed we did arrive on time, collected our bag, caught the shuttle bus to our favourate long-term parking lot, and drove home from Oakland airport all the way back across the Richmond bridge without getting lost - this is only the second time we've managed this feat. Usually we get lost, or take the wrong turning on the web of freeways and end up driving towards Concord, or similar.

To be fair, the intersections are a mess and are always under construction and we're driving at midnight and it doesn't get much worse than that. Looks like we've finally got the route figured out though.

Today we collected the cat, and bought a DVD player. We've been holding off acquiring yet another piece of hardware, but the buzz on the internet geek scene about this particular model finally did us in. You can read on the web for details, but basically this box will play DVD, Audio CD, CD-Rs of MP3 audio files, CD-Video, and it's also reported to scan a CD-R for MPEG video files and play those as well. All this thing needs is an integrated cable modem and a co-ax socket for TV cable/high-bandwidth internet and I'd be getting convergence vibes in a very big way.

We've checked it out, playing _The Postman_ (Kevin Costner adaptation of the David Brin novel) on DVD, Peter Gabriel audio CD, and also one of my mega compilation MP3 CDR discs. It all works as advertised. Wow.