looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

And how it ended

We said our farewells and left the building at about 4:10, drove straight to Little Rock airport, dropped the car off at the Avis station, dragged our bags through the exterior sauna-like environment to the relatively pleasant air-conditioned luxury of the terminal and checked in.

We knew we were very early (Checked in by 4:45 for a 6:50 flight) but we've had so much bad experience travelling out of Little Rock on Friday afternoons that we have decided that you can't be too early.

Another good side-effect of have time to waste in Little Rock airport is that we usually grab a bite to eat in the only restaurant in the terminal. This is not necessarily a good thing - our experience of the restaurant could fill another dispatch with its own unique flavour of weird all by itself - but one clear spot on an otherwise totally blemished record is that they do serve an interesting concoction called "back-porch lemonade". This potion is more alcohol than lemonade, but it has the effect that if Lisa and I share one over our dinner, we are pretty much guaranteed to fall asleep on the flight home.

(...judging by the amount I have written so far, I missed out on the sedative this time around. Lisa is fast asleep in the seat next to me, so I don't think it was defective.)

The flight home so far has been uneventful. We caught our plane, connected at Dallas without problems, and look to touch down in Oakland on time.