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  amongst the irregular verbiage

At work in Little Rock

The details of our few days working at the head office in Little Rock, are probably not terribly interesting for you to read about, and for sure it would not be interesting for me to write about! So I'll summarise in no particular order:

- we got to meet with other members of our team and talk about some of the stuff we've all been working on;

- we got to meet with members of other teams that we have to work with;

- I managed to participate in a email flame war with an upstart little jerk of a programmer who thought that just because he was two years out of school he could teach us our job;

- we got to participate in a personality profiling and relationship communication seminar, which in my opinion only expresses a model of personality, and is popular only because it gives people an excuse to slack off and not communicate with other people (example: "I've got a rebel foundation level and therefore I need to play and have fun in order to then work effectively", or "I'm in a promoter phase and you're a workaholic so I don't have to read anything you write because you're a perfectionist and are only interested in facts and figures." For what it's worth, I skewed my questionaire form heavily biased in favour of random numbers, yet the computer program still pegged me as a strong workaholic with high confidence factor, and not a rebel. Go figure;

- lunch at a Chinese restaurant;

- lunch at a Thai buffet (very good - they have Thai in Arkansas...);

- almost no decent breakfasts;

- dinner at "The Purple Cow" babysitting Andy & Nancy's kids while they had some quiet time out by themselves;

- no decent coffee at all;

- we got to have a little official "social team outing" on the last day which once again was a trip to a go-kart track, in 80+ degree temperatures and basically 100% humidity, gasp, I was wishing I was able to take a shower before getting on the plane home;

- many photos taken with the digital camera (which this time we remembered to bring with us), check the website for an update.

- and that's about it.