looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Heat Waves and Holidays

I have no idea if it is officially Summer yet, but two days in a row with 105 degree temperatures must indicate something.

As I post this, we've had a couple of days of more reasonable temperatures, and things seem back to normal weatherwise.

Let's see, what has been happening recently:

When I'm not working or reading my way through the complete set of Tom Clancy novels, I'm working on music in our home studio, or uploading music to the web site.

Recently our camera died, and so we figured it was time to go digital. We did some research online, and decided to get a Kodak 260 digital camera.

Derek attended a prom at his school recently, with his girlfriend Kristinae. Next year he will be a senior in his final year at high school, and will be thinking seriously about which college to go to. Now that school is over, Derek is staying with us, and he's brought his cat with him. Yes, Karma must share the position of family pet with another cat! He is not pleased, but he's coping.

Macho moment: A month ago I decided I could stand to lose a little weight, so rather than do the sensible thing and adjust my diet, I decided to exercise a little. I'm trying to get into the habit of doing some sit-ups and press-ups before going to bed. It seems to be working, at least now I feel guilty if I don't do them, and I'm feeling a bit better about the fact that - even though I still have a belly - I can do 25 pushups without stopping after 3.

Every other weekend we try and get out and about into the coutryside. There are lots of walkways and hills and things around Marin, and maybe before we leave the area next year, we will have walked around most of them.


Somebody asked me recently whereabouts we live in California. I did some poking around on the 'net and found this: http://terraserver.microsoft.com/image.asp?S=10&T=1&X=2693&Y=21031&Z=10&W=1.

[Update: This link is no longer valid. Terraserver has been retired and rolled into Microsoft's Virtual Earth product some time ago, I image. However, here is an image from Google Earth, which is my tool-of-choice these days.]

Our street, Carroll Court, is a North-South running cul-de-sac. Number 12 (our house) is third on the right as you turn in from LenGlen Ave.

You can see the ajoining garage facing on to the street at the bottom/south end of the house, and out the back to the west side there is a bright rectangle which is the roof of our back porch.


We took a quick trip to Boston recently for Josh's graduation from Harvard, and spent a few days with friends having a short holiday. We took a bunch of photos with the digital camera, and it was very quick to transfer the images from the camera to the laptop and whip up some additional pages on our web site.


We helped Josh pack up his stuff and say farewell to his dorm room mates and then all 4 of us flew back to California. Josh will be staying with us for a few weeks prior to flying back to New York to start a new job there.


Probably the biggest thing I'm most excited about right now is that in two days we are all four of us going to a YES concert in Concord (about an hour's drive from here).

As usual, as soon as the concert was announced, we checked our dates and made plans to keep this time free of other commitments as much as possible, and I bought 4 tickets online.

This time around they will be supported by a group called Kansas.

Last time they played San Francisco was in November last year, which is pretty recent (those of you paying attention may remember my writing about the concert). Well, they're touring again, and as they are my favourate band, I'm pretty excited. This concert is dubbed the "masterworks" tour, which basically means they aren't touring to support a specific album, but will play "much requested tracks from their back catalog". The buzz on the 'net is that they will play "Gates Of Delirium" this time around. Hubba hubba!

I have no idea what Josh and Derek will make of it, as they are not fans of the band as far as I know, but they respect and admire superior musicianship, which this concert should have in spades. And the atmosphere and ambience at a live concert is always fun.