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Manhattan Bagels

Strawberry Village,
Redwood Highway,
Marin County,

Imagine my surprise when I saw this logo. Look familiar? I'm sure that this is the real Manhattan Bagel and those guys in NZ (see below) have either franchised it, or I suppose it could be a knock-off...

Anyway, the important thing is: THESE BAGELS ARE PRETTY GOOD! They have a little cafe outlet in Strawberry Village with great decor, and even though they were very busy when we were there, it was so nice that we didn't mind joining the queue and waiting. The bagels are crusty, a little doughier than the average, but this is how I like them so I'm not complaining. They seem to have all the usual flavors and no hideous combinations (although they seem to offer some weird spreads...). Their espresso coffee is passable, but seeing as they are right next to Starbucks, if you prefer, you can get your coffee next door. They don't seem to mind!

Grade: B-