looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


I know it has been a long time since I last posted, but to be honest, I haven't felt like writing. It's not that nothing has been happening - on the contrary, it's business as usual in Marin County. This means that most days we're online to the corporate network, working from home. Most weekends Derek drives down from Santa Rosa and we go out for dinner, see a movie or two, and relax a bit.

Riley visited for a weekend, which was great.

For the last couple of months I've been learning a new programming language - new to me, anyway - called "Java". Some of you will know what that is :-). Anyway, it has helped to inject a bit of enjoyment into what has otherwise been an arduous few months from a work perspective.

Since I last posted, I'm pretty sure we have been back to the corporate office in Little Rock, AR, at least twice, and one of them we actually thought we were going to New York & Boston to visit with clients and attend a seminar. A few days before we were due to leave, the whole thing was cancelled and we ended up quickly rescheduling flights to Arkansas. Stressful and irritating. And exhausting.

Late last year we made appointments to see the dentist, choosing one that was on our employee benefit plans that happened to be within walking distance, around the corner from Scotties Market. The appointments couldn't be slotted in until January. So, sometime in January we wandered down and filled out the form and found out what he was like. It turned out that he was very nice!

In my case, it was my first visit to a dentist in 6 years, so I was a bit apprehensive at what he might find. Surprisingly, he couldn't find anything wrong at all! Good genes, basically, was his opinion as to why, rather than any effort on my part to keep them healthy. (I'm sure I had a little to do with it!)

In amongst all the working and movie watching and stuff, I have found time to complete the process of archiving to CD the music that Walter and I recorded over the years, and start selecting choice tracks for a "best of" collection; updating the portion of our website that deals with our music; remaster a couple of tracks, and upgrade my studio computer's sound card to a semi-professional 24bit/96kHz model. I wish I could say I had used it to actually record more music. Maybe this year will see a concerted effort from me to finish some of this stuff...

The Oscars this year was more exciting as usual, possibly because we've seen most of the movies that were nominated, and had some strong opinions of our own for once. Highly recommended: _Magnolia_, _American_Beauty_, _Boys_Don't_Cry_, and recently anything with John Cusack in it I've enjoyed a lot. Speaking of which, if you haven't caught _Being_John_Malcovich_, you owe it to yourself to seek it out and enjoy!

It is definitely Spring. A few weeks ago I pruned the apple tree, to give us some more light in the back yard over summer, and already it is sprouting little clusters of green leaves. The apricot and fig trees have been sprouting like mad also.