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New York Bagel Bakery

240/1 Greenlane Rd West,
New Zealand

Ron Roman has got the secret of baking the best bagels this side of the Pacific. I don't know what the secret is, but the other bagel bakeries don't have it. Ron's bagels are firm, yet chewy, and not too shiny. They make no compromises at the New York Bagel Bakery: they are not a cafe or espresso bar, and they don't pretend to be one. Just great bagels, and cream cheese spreads if you want them. My favourate bagel: The onion blend. Great slightly toasted, with a schmear of NZ butter.

Grade: A

14.June.2000 Update: Ron Roman reports: "We sold the bagel shop in August 99." This means that I have no idea whether the excellent quality of these bagels has been maintained. If I ever get back there, I'll check them out and update this entry.
24.May.2003 Update: I did get back there, and alas the bagel store no longer exists.