looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


A couple of weeks ago my elbow got really itchy. Could have been an insect bite, although no obvious puncture could be found. A week later my elbow started swelling up and getting very sore!

I got pretty worried, thinking it might be nerve trouble. Finally it got so bad that we tracked down a local GP doctor and made an appointment to see him. I think we made a good choice, because we liked everyone there and the doctor is real hoot. The nurse was taking my temperature with an electronic thermometer, and Lisa and she were joking about me "nearly being done" as in cooking, while the doctor was prodding my elbow and I was giggling uncontrollably even though the poking was quite painful... when the nurse left he sat back and said, "Now I can think. Which is important, because I supposed I'd better write something medical on this chart here..."

Anyway, it turns out that it wasn't nerve problems after all. He said it was something like "cellular bursitis" or something like that, and prescribed antibiotics.

I didn't need to go for a followup, the swelling and pain reduced steadily, and now, about two weeks later, it is still noticeable (I don't rest my elbows on the table without being careful) but generally back to normal, thank goodness.