looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


We check out of our hotel, deciding this time to fill in the "How are we doing?" checklist thoughtfully left for us by the hotel management. Duke drives us to the office for more meetings. Good news: my ID unlocks the back door so we don't have to drag our suitcase through reception.

More meetings, very productive day. Duke left us to return to his home in Fayetteville around mid day. Dan left to fly back to Chicago later that afternoon. Our team was dispersing once again. It was really good to all be working together, an irresistable force pitted against the immoveable object that is the rest of Acme. Andy suggests that we should do this more often, how about every 6 weeks? Argh.

At last we could delay no longer, and Andy drove us to the airport because taxis are hard to find in Little Rock.

After sundown on the flight back from Dallas to Oakland, CA, we observed the most amazing sight: a lightning storm. We were flying roughly parallel to a big ridge of stormcloud 10 or 15 miles away. The thunderheads were illuminated by the full moon in silvery banks, but we could see the bright flashes illuminating the clouds from inside, skipping along from one end of the ridge to the other, the structure of the columns of cloud revealed in sudden shadowy snapshots of 3D. Every 10 seconds the energy would arc to the ground in a tremendous discharge, sometimes on our side of the ridge (lighting up the countryside) and sometimes the other, where we could see it illuminate the ridge in an orange-white glow.

Obviously we were still flying over Texas (where everything is bigger).

We arrived home eventually, and once again navigated the tangle of freeways required to take us from Oakland in the east to San Rafael in the north. Neither of us was tired, which is insane because although the clocks said midnight we were probably still in Little Rock time which would make it 2:00am. We watched TV programs taped during the week until we fell asleep.