looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


Get up early, drive in with Duke to the Conway office to meet with some other teams in Acme. Conway is about 30 minutes drive away out of Little Rock. Some of these people we have looked forward to meeting, and some not. Again, we had a couple of very productive meetings.

One very important thing: we get our official Acme Staff IDs, complete with photo and magic digital chip that means that we will no longer need to be let in to the buildings by other people.

When we get back, it is 5:30pm and we still haven't had lunch. We are so hungry that we meet up with Duke in the hotel's executive lounge and eat a plateful of cayenne-coated chicken nibbles and a glass of red wine. We are eventually kicked out of the lounge (closes at 7:00) and retire to Duke's hotel room. His room smells fine, unlike our Mystery Room of Death.

Not in the least bit hungry now, the three of us watch TV until heartburn forces us to moveback to our own rooms.