looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Off to Little Rock, AR

Get up early. Drive out with V & T to the Marin Civic Center to show them the building and the Farmer's Market. We bemoan the fact that we can't buy any of the wonderful produce because we're leaving for a week. Drive home. Pack up car with all our bags. Cross Golden Gate bridge, drive through city, and drop V&T at San Francisco airport. They're going back to Los Angeles for more touristy things, while we drive across the Bay Bridge to the Oakland airport, to catch our flight to Little Rock, Arkansas for New Hire Orientation and Team Meetings at Acme headquarters. We'll be returning on Friday.

We fly all day, with a stopover at Dallas. Boring! We're staying at the Holiday Inn Select in Little Rock. The room smells funny. Don't feel like dinner. Don't have any. We find an empty packet of condoms in the night-table drawer, left as a gift by the previous guest we suspect. We couldn't bring ourselves to look under the bed.