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Forgotten Silver at the Library

We go to the Civic Center to see about getting new pages put in Lisa's passport, and while we are there, we visit the County Library (under the dome) and get library cards. After a run of beautiful days, clouds start coming up from the South and it starts to rain this evening. The ground doesn't really get *wet*, exactly, but if you walk outside you can feel the raindrops. A bit of thunder and lightning raise the excitement level somewhat. Lisa notices that the mockumentary _Forgotten Silver_ is being shown on the Sundance cable channel (a really good independent and arthouse film channel) and we settle down to watch. We missed it when it screened in New Zealand, and were very happy to watch it at last. It was very funny, but I remember back to the letters and kerfuffle over "whether or not it was real" at the time and I wonder how badly some people wanted to believe it. It was pretty obviously pulling our collective legs. I got a strange feeling at the end, because after the credits, they had the TV ONE logo and "made with the help of your broadcasting fee, so that you can see more of NZ on Air" logo thing. Something I wasn't expecting to see here!